About Our Consultants


There are a lot of business coaches out there … so why don’t we tell you a little about ourselves.

We are here to help business owners take control of their business, recruit new members and earn their freedom.

We have been-there, done-that and we’re here to help others do the same. Building a cheerleading gym requires more than just getting new kids in the door. It requires you to effectively manage a staff, create accounting and financial systems that are legal and practical, branding and marketing your business and maintaining your customer base through continued growth and consistency. No matter what the size or goals of your program, we have a consultant who can work with you to help your gym grow and experience massive success!

Who we are not … We are not going to tell you what you want to hear. We will always be honest as it is the greatest benefit we can offer you and your business.

We are not a binder. We are real people who provide interaction and spark your thought process so you can develop your own programs.

We are not directors, EP’s, or Vendors. We are gym owners who do the same things you do day in and day out, we have years of experience under our belt and have been there and done that!

We started Next Gen because we saw a gap in the industry. There was a lack of mentorship and education, and we knew we could help others to succeed. Our hearts and minds are focused on helping others and growing the industry so each owner can see growth in his or her program.


Premier Academy
Riana owns and operates Premier Academy in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and is a co-owner in two other locations. Premier Academy offers competitive and recreation cheerleading, Ninja, tumbling, a licensed preschool and hosts a large number of birthday parties and camps throughout the year.
As a mom of five young kids, she has been able to create systems to create freedom to spend time with her family and ensure the gym is still successful. As a Next Generation coach, Riana’s primary strength is systemizing and time management.
Twister Sports
Danielle owns Twisters Sports in Warrensburg, MO. Twisters offers recreational and competitive cheerleading, tumbling, hip hop, gymnastics, ninja warrior and indoor batting cages. They also host approximately 250 birthday parties each year. Danielle is also the co-owner of a Pita Pit restaurant franchise. She has worked in digital media and marketing for many years. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and did public relations for the Air Force for 7 years. As a Next Generation coach, Danielle’s strength is in marketing and diversification.
Five Star Athletics
Shelley owns and operates Five Star Athletics in Reno, NV. Shelley has owned cheer gyms since 2003. Along with her husband Tom, she opened Five Star in 2010 from the ground to now over 500 athletes. Five Star Athletics has a strong All Star Cheer Program known throughout the industry. Five Star also offers recreational cheerleading, tumbling, warriors, summer camps, and high school programs. Shelley has a bachelor’s degree in education. As a Next Generation coach, she specializes in teaching how to have a profitable All Star program and systemization.
Fusion Athletics
Melissa owns Fusion Athletics in Green Bay, WI. The gym is the areas premier youth sports gym. Offering All Star Cheerleading, Tumbling, Ninja Warriors, Summer Camp, and Birthday Parties. Along with the area’s only mobile tumbling program, Fusion 2U. Using systems and effect marketing strategies, Melissa has taken Fusion and grown it 247% in just 3 years! As a Next Generation coach, Melissa has strong skills in social media marketing and website strategy. Melissa has a associate’s degree in human resources and a bachelor’s degree in business management and organizational leadership.