Business Bootcamp


The Business Bootcamp is a 6-week program where Next Generation Coaches and Consultants will teach you in-depth how to run a paid trial program. Paid trials are responsible for massive growth among our own gyms. Not only is this a valuable source of revenue, but members who are purchasing a trial membership are qualified leads for your gym!

Trial Membership Bootcamp

Week 1: What is a paid trial and what is best for my gym?

This week we’ll teach you why a paid trial is the most effective way to bring new clients into your gym. We’ll define terms you’ll see throughout this course and teach the various options of trial memberships. You’ll have all the tools to determine which version of a paid trial is the best fit for your gym based on your membership options and pricing structure. We’ll also give you some tools you’ll need to begin preparing for new trial members.

Week 2: How do I sell trials on my website?

One of the best parts of trial memberships is that you can sell them while you’re sleeping! We’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need to walk your prospect through the purchase experience to ensure a higher conversion rate of sale. We’ll also discuss the differences between a website and a landing page to ensure you’re using both in the sales process.

Week 3: How do I market my trial memberships?

During Week 3, we’ll teach you how to get great engagement on your posts, sell your trial membership organically as well as how to run a Facebook ad that actually converts.

Week 4: What exactly is email marketing and how do I use it?

Effective email marketing can lead to an additional 25% increase in trial memberships when done effectively. With everything a gym owner does in a day though, it’s important to automate this process so you’re not manually sending out every email on exactly the right day and time. During this session, we’ll teach you how to effectively build an autoresponder set and email marketing campaign to nurture your leads. Note: We will use Active Campaign as the demonstrated platform, however most email marketing tools are similar in set up.

Week 5: What exactly do I do during the trial membership?

In Week 5, we’ll teach you how to “Wow” someone from the first day to “Conversion Day” when you offer them to become a regular member of your program. We’ll also give you some tools we use in our own gyms to ensure excellent communication with your prospective families throughout the trial process.

Week 6: Why is systemizing so important?

Many gym owners are working countless hours as the administrative person communicating with the parents as well as the coach teaching the classes. Systemization allows you to place staff members in charge of these areas so you can manage the process at a distance. During Week 6, we’ll tell you what systems you need to be effective in the trial process and teach you how to create your first system.