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who have been there and done that, and we’re now here to help owners build their business and their profits.

Weekly Calls

Academy clients will receive two hours of coaching per month (usually spread into four, 30-minute coaching calls.) This is the opportunity to do strategic planning, problem resolution and celebrate your business victories.

Monthly Group Calls

During our monthly group call, we teach on a relevant topic and open the floor for questions. The large-group environment offers tons of valuable insight and opportunities to communicate with all four Next Gen coaches.

Private Facebook Group

The Next Generation Academy is the exclusive place for Academy clients to work through the ins and outs of their business and bounce ideas off one another on a daily basis. We share systems, experiences and ideas in order to help you grow your business efficiently.

Systems & Marketing

In our private library, we offer access to all videos, marketing copy, images and a full systems library put together by our Next Generation coaches. With this library, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we’ve got everything you need to be successful!
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