About Us

Next Generation Gym Owners is here to help business owners take control of their business, recruit new members and earn their freedom. We have been-there, done-that and we’re here to help others do the same. In fact, each of us here at Next Gen not only owns our gym, but has been through many challenges over the years as we grow our programs.





Twister Sports
Justin also owns Twister Sports in Warrensburg, MO. His background is in Occupational Safety and Health. He spent 21 years in the United States Air Force before retiring in 2019. Justin spent seven years in the Missouri Highway Patrol. In his current role at Twisters, he is the facility manager of a 35,000 sq. ft. building and specializes in contracts and leasing agreements. Justin has general contracted all renovations at the gym to include a 1,000 sq. ft. ninja warrior obstacle course. Justin is the CEO of Next Generation Gym Owners and the first point of contact for all new Academy members. Justin can be seen alongside his wife, Danielle, on weekly episodes of Fireside Chat with the Johnstons.
    Five Star Athletics
    Shelley owns and operates Five Star Athletics in Reno, NV. Shelley has owned cheer gyms since 2003. Along with her husband Tom, she opened Five Star in 2010 from the ground to now over 500 athletes. Five Star Athletics has a strong All Star Cheer Program known throughout the industry. Five Star also offers recreational cheerleading, tumbling, warriors, summer camps, and high school programs. Shelley has a bachelor’s degree in education. As a Next Generation coach, she specializes in teaching how to have a profitable All Star program and systemization. Shelley is the Chief Operations Officer for Next Gen ensuring the effective implementation of all programs within the company including conferences, programs, and sponsorships. Additionally, Shelley is a consultant in the Next Gen Owners Academy specializing in all star programs and all star budgeting.
      Twister Sports
      Danielle owns Twister Sports in Warrensburg, MO. Twisters offers recreational and competitive cheerleading, tumbling, hip hop, gymnastics, ninja warrior, and indoor batting cages. They have about 700 athletes and host approximately 275 birthday parties each year. Danielle and Justin have founded 7 businesses over the past few years and have sold several. She has worked in digital media and marketing for many years. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and did public relations for the Air Force for 7 years. Danielle is an owner and consultant for the Next Gen as well as the CMO and CFO. As a consultant, Danielle specializes in staff management, partnerships, marketing, public relations, website development, and budgeting. Danielle and Justin are best known for Fireside Chat with the Johnstons and her daily blog.
        RIANA LUCK
        Premier Academy
        Riana owns and operates Premier Academy in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and is a co-owner in two other locations. Premier Academy offers competitive and recreation cheerleading, Ninja, tumbling, a licensed preschool and hosts a large number of birthday parties and camps throughout the year. As a mom of five young kids, she has been able to create systems to create freedom to spend time with her family and ensure the gym is successful. Riana is responsible for all curriculum in the Next Generation Academy. She develops the content for all courses, and also serves the company as a consultant. In her role as a consultant, Riana specializes in working with international gyms, staffing, and systemization.
          DAN COTTON
          Oregon Dream Teams
          Dan, along with his wife, Tori, own and operate Oregon Dream Teams in Beaverton, OR. ODT specializes in all star cheerleading, but also has a thriving recreational program. Dan is also the owner of Dream Camps, providing residential and at-home camp instruction to All Star and high school programs throughout the United States and Canada. Dan served in the United States Army National Guard for eight years. He currently works full-time as a police officer for the City of Beaverton. Dan is the Head Coach for the Next Generation Academy and the host of the Next Generation People and Profits podcast, which notably received more than 5,000 downloads in its first year. This podcast is the #1 business building podcast in the after-school industry.
            KIERRA PELZ
            Premier Academy
            Kierra co-owns and operates Premier Academy in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada as well as coaches & manages the Keyano College Cheer Team. Premier Academy offers competitive and recreational cheerleading, tumbling, and hosts a large number of birthday parties and camps throughout the year. As a mom of two young kids, she has been able to create systems to create freedom to spend time with her family and ensure the gym is still successful. As a Next Generation consultant, Kierra’s primary strength is systemizing and time management. Kierra serves as a consultant for Next Gen and works with clients as they start their journey in the Next Gen Academy.
              TORI COTTON
              Oregon Dream Teams
              Tori Cotton co-owns Oregon Dream Teams with her husband, Dan Cotton. Together, Tori and Dan have and worked hard to grow both the all star and recreational programs in the gym. ODT specializes in all star cheer of all types: Elite, Prep, Novice, FUNdamentals, and CheerAbilities. Additionally, they offer recreational classes, warrior classes, preschool programming, and summer day camps. Tori is also a co-owner of Dream Camps, a summer camp business for teams and individual athletes. As a Next Gen coach, Tori specializes in creating gym culture and running a profitable all star program. 
                LIZ YNTEMA
                Pegasus Cheer Athletics
                Liz Yntema is the owner of Pegasus Cheer Athletics in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Liz has grown her program dramatically over the past few years to include all star cheerleading, recreational programming, preschool programming and a thriving summer camp program. As a consultant with Next Gen, Liz specializes in summer camp and events as well as delegation.
                  MELANIE WILMOTH
                  Twister Sports
                  Melanie is the gym manager at Twister Sports and an administrative assistant for Next Generation Gym Owners. Melanie has a degree in public relations from the University of Central Missouri and has been the manager at Twisters for 8 years. Her daily duties include training and managing 32 full-time and part-time staff members, marketing and filling programs and classes at the gym, overseeing competitive and recreational programming and ensuring the gym meets its financial and strategic goals each quarter. Within Next Gen, Melanie is responsible for the quality assurance of several programs, billing and client communication and manager consultations and training.
                    EMILY SHEPARD
                    Next Generation Gym Owners
                    Emily is the administrative assistant for Next Generation Gym Owners. She grew up cheering at Five Star Athletics before moving on to University of Kentucky Louisville. Emily is currently a law student and assists Next Gen part-time with conferences and day-to-day administrative tasks.
                      LEXI HUNNICUTT
                      Twister Sports
                      Lexi is the director of client relations at Twister Sports in Warrensburg, MO. For the past four years, Lexi has been in charge of the trial program, birthday party program, specialty summer camps and all events at the gym to include large-scale community events and performances. In her role at Next Gen, Lexi is the client success manager, assisting with on-boarding new clients and ensuring they see success in their journey.