Connect 3

Connect 3 is a subscription-based plan with Next Gen that will deliver a 30 customizable social media graphics to your email box each month. These graphics are designed to connect your athletes, parents and your community while building engagement on your social media.

Every Guide Will Include:

  • Facebook posts and ads to promote programs and events within your gym.
  • Instagram Posts graphically designed to make your feed look clean, fun and target teens.
  • Instagram Stories to get your athletes connected and sharing their favorite things about your gym.
  • Graphics to use within your gym, your announcement TVs, your marketing emails and on your website.
  • Timely marketing graphics from gym owners who are doing this alongside you!

Absolutely NO graphic design or expansive technical knowledge is needed to use our design features. Access to the internet and your logo are all it takes!


Connect 3 is available for $79/mo. By subscribing today, you will be charged $79 and receive one teaser issue with 10 graphics upon submission. On the 25th, you’ll receive your first issue!

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  • Payment Terms

    Connect 3 is released on the 25th of each month. By subscribing, you will receive a teaser issue now, and your issue on the 25th of the next month. (For example, if you're subscribing on the 30th, you'll receive your next issue on the 25th of next month. If you're subscribing on the 15th, you'll receive your issue in 10 days.)
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