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Growing an All Star program is hard, but you don't have to do it alone!


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The All Star Academy is the fastest way to grow your All Star program through step by step training, personalized coaching and accountability. With this subscription, we will help you to develop or grow your All Star program so you see consistent growth and profitability year after year. No matter the size of your gym, our All Star Academy can take your gym to the next level. This program is great for owners, gym managers and directors or anyone who helps your All Star program grow.


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All Star Academy Guides


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The All Star Academy is a program designed to help you grow a profitable and thriving program. Next Gen will teach you how to run your program professionally and help you systemize the processes so you can better delegate to your staff. These packets will help new owners and those who have been around for many years to better develop their programs.


All Star Budgeting Packet, All Star Tryout Packet Guide, End-of-Season Events, Tryout Guide, All Star Staff Training, Planning Your Summer, Novice, Prep & Elite, Building Trust & Parent Expectations, Ultimate Competition Season Playbook, 20 Games & Activities for Your Practices, Giving Back to Your Community, Effectively Managing Parent Drama, Fundraising, Flyer Flexibility Guide, Prepping for Choreography, Staff Bonding & Retreats, Hiring an All Star Director

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