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Summer Camp Lesson Plan & Marketing Package

Summer Camp Lesson Plan & Marketing Package



Included in this package is everything you need to run 12 weeks of full-time summer day camp. This packet includes:

  • Canva templates for 12 weeks of full-day Summer Camp lesson plans to cover 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Themed weeks with daily afternoon stations, hyperlinked so you can delegate out to your staff.
    • A list of themed movies you can find on Netflix or Disney Plus along with themed books hyperlinked to Amazon.
    • Our tips and tricks for what worked well when we hosted these camps.
  • Canva templates for weekly marketing as well as general summer camp marketing.
  • Summer Camp policies (these are the ones we used, but additional policies may be required by your state or local guidelines.)
  • Summer Camp marketing emails and autoresponders.
  • Supplemental graphic templates to ensure your weeks are creative and themed.