Lately, I’ve gotten some really great questions about what the NG Academy even is. So, here’s a bit of an FAQ for those who may be wondering:
**Am I in the NG Academy right now? **Nope! This is our free group to help you grow your business. We believe in a healthy all star industry so everyone can grow. This group is to help you get there. Our Academy is a paid program that goes far deeper and far beyond what you see in this group.
What if I don’t really love business and just want to coach? As any of us who own NG that question and we’ll tell you the same thing. We all opened this thing because we love the kids and love cheerleading. No one wanted to be talking taxes more than talking skills. But…some of us realized we had a passion for helping more kids, which meant staying in business and learning to grow. For me, I realized I actually loved business as much as I loved cheerleading. It became literally the dream job. For some of our coaches, they developed a respect for business. They still love cheerleading more, but they learned how to run their business, hire the right people, delegate their tasks and now, they have the opportunity to coach cheer more than ever before while knowing their business is doing amazing.
Do I have to be at a certain level in business to join? You don’t. You do have to be motivated and willing to work. Being humble sure helps, too, as we often need an outside perspective and a whole lot of honesty when we’re trying something over and over, and it’s just not working. (That’s your coaches’ job in the Academy! Listen carefully, find the ACTUAL problem, and help you solve it.)
When is the right time to get business coaching? This is my favorite question. When was the last time you weren’t busy? I bet it’s hard to remember. Everyone is busy. Everyone. The best time to join the NG Academy is when you realize you want to grow and you don’t want to take twice as long to do it. Our Academy members maintain their coaching calls and curriculum through major life events. One just had twins! Another had her daughter’s wedding and became a grandmother last year! Another Academy member is building her own facility, and yet another is running multiple businesses! If they have the time, so do you. It just takes a little bit of time management practice.
Why would someone pay for advice? In the same way, kids can learn tumbling off Youtube. I bet you believe they can learn it far more effectively in your gym. So, in the same way, you can learn how to run your gym through trial and error, you can learn faster and with fewer mistakes with a coach by your side. Our coaches have training, and experience and are industry experts in owning and operating cheer gyms. They want you to succeed with fewer mistakes and in a shorter period of time than we did!
What if I can’t afford one more thing right now? When you are passionate about something and believe it will help you achieve your goals, you can always find a way. I have had Academy members stop getting their nails done, go on Starbucks fasts, and eliminate the drive-thru altogether the first month or so they were in the Academy. They were committed to succeeding in their gym, and they were willing to do what it took to see that success. For most of us, we didn’t have the money to start a gym either…but we believed it was what we were called to do, so we made it happen. Our Academy members see a 2.5x return on their membership in the first 3 months. If you spent $1 for the next 3 months knowing you’d earn back $2.5 the rest of the year, wouldn’t you do that? By doing that, you’d make $24.50 over the course of the year rather than the $12 if you did nothing at all. (Yes, I’m talking ridiculously small numbers to make my point…but did I do it? 🤪)
How can I determine if the NG Academy is a good fit for me?
Book a call with NG at We’d love to hear more about your gym and see if one of our programs would be a good fit for you.
If you’ve been on the fence for awhile, this is your friendly reminder that the time is now. When I wanted to have a baby, I don’t remember thinking, “Our life is finally calm and ready for this.” I remember thinking…”I’ve wanted kids for awhile now, and the timing never seemed right. Maybe it never will, and I must learn how to adapt!” Some things in life are like that. But this…this is a decision that will help you build your freedom and leave a legacy.