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New Gym Curriculum

WEEK 1 – The Legal Stuff How to KNOW if your business will be sustainable in your area Business must-haves and how to interpret common terms in a potential lease Business entity types and how to get your LLC, EIN... Read More

If mark up is necessary, then profit is vital

Yesterday I told you why it’s important to make sure you’re marking up your competitive fees. Today, I will talk to you about how to profit and why it’s necessary.    There have been days in my business that really... Read More

Why you MUST mark up your competitive fees and how to explain this to parents

Over the weekend I was chatting with a gym owner who had a parent asking to see the breakdown of her fees. I know what some of you are saying right now… “You don’t ask Walmart to see the breakdown... Read More

Stop telling new gym owners not to open a gym

Something has been driving me crazy in cheer lately, and those who know me know a fired-up blog is headed your way.    Burnt-out gym owners: Please stop projecting bad attitudes on young hopefuls. For every post from a gym... Read More

Check out the amazing talent who will be teaching at the NG Dallas Conference!

We’re excited to begin announcing our speakers for our Summer 2023 conference in Dallas! Rommel Osuna: Rommel will be running several of our skills classes! He is the Tumbling Director at World Cup, a 3-time World Champion Coach, and the founder... Read More

First Competition? Here’s what you can expect.

So you’re new to competitions? It’s hard to find good information out there on what to expect and how to be prepared. In fact, you may have already tried to find information so you’re prepared in advance, but I’ll be... Read More

5 Ways to Make it in a Small Town

Raise your hand if you live in what’s considered a small town? ✋ I do. My community has about 50,000 people. (Believe it or not, that’s considered a larger city in my area, but that’s a whole other topic.) If... Read More

Travel Competitions are NOT “Work Trips”

We’re in the thick of competition season, and that often means one thing: People are stressed. We’ve got back-to-back competition weekends with extra practices scheduled in between, travel and that’s not even to mention the school and other extracurricular activities... Read More

Next Generation Gym Owners to host Summer Conference, June 2023 in Dallas

Next Generation Gym Owners 240 NW 13 Hwy Warrensburg, MO 64093 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Release Date: Feb. 15, 2023 Contact: Danielle Johnston, Next Generation Gym Owners to host Summer Conference, June 2023 in Dallas Dallas, TX... Read More

“Profit” is Not Selfish

I hate nothing more than people assuming their tuition is how I pay my mortgage. In fact, over the years, I’ve heard comments here and there about stuff like that, and if you’ve owned a gym for awhile, I’m sure... Read More