WEEK 1 – The Legal Stuff

  1. How to KNOW if your business will be sustainable in your area
  2. Business must-haves and how to interpret common terms in a potential lease
  3. Business entity types and how to get your LLC, EIN and state tax ID
  4. Licenses and permits you might need and how to find out your city’s codes
  5. Setting up your bank account for the gym and what documents most banks require


WEEK 2 – What Your Gym Needs

  1. What type of gym will you be and does that fit the needs of your community?
  2. How much money do you need to start a gym? What equipment is most important? What financing options are available?
  3. Best practices for logo and branding.
  4. How to market effectively and take pre-registration before you open. We’ll also review class management software options here.
  5. What are the must-haves on your website and Facebook business profile?


WEEK 3 – All About Staff

  1. How to build an effective class schedule & team schedule that can grow with you.
  2. When will you need to hire staff? What positions are most important? How will you afford them?
  3. The lowdown on staff handbook, hiring documents, payroll, taxes and contracts.
  4. Hiring best practices.
  5. Staff on-boarding for long-term retention.


WEEK 4 – Grow Your Gym Before Day 1

  1. Why recreational classes are vital to your success and three tips for starting yours successfully.
  2. What teams should you start with? Novice, prep, elite, etc.?
  3. What is the USASF, Varsity, WASF and The Open – and which are the best fits for your gym?
  4. Why retention matters and how to establish if you have good retention.
  5. Next steps, goal setting, and when to start working with a business coach.